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über uns

Nur ganz kurz !Über uns und den Siberian Husky


about us

We can no longer imagine life without a husky.

We are Stefanie and Thomas, have 2 sons and live in Tyrol. We prefer to spend our time in nature with our children and dogs.

We breed these wonderful animals as lovers and wish to maintain the standard of the breed.

The name MAHINKANA means  wolf nose 


The Siberian Husky 

The Husky is a medium-sized working dog with a  shoulder height  of up to 60 cm.

He moves lightly, freely and elegantly and is always friendly and gentle when dealing with people and animals.

The Husky is very alert and willing to work, making it the perfect walking companion  or family dog.

More information about the breed standard can be found here
    -->  FCI standard no


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